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Nature, Wildlife, and Bird Photography

Texas Nature, Wildlife, and Bird Photography

Fostering Texas Nature, Wildlife, and Bird Photography

Tacubaya Ranch consists of 3,200 acres located in South Texas and is open to the public for Texas Nature, Wildlife, and Bird Photography. Our mission is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for nature enthusiasts to engage in recreational activities.

We have set aside 900 acres exclusively for Texas Nature, Wildlife, and Bird Photography while working closely with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to manage the wildlife population and habitat on the remaining 2,300 acres.


In addition to providing a location for such activities we also strive to increase awareness of natural history, wildlife management and land conservation practices through educational programs, photography and personal experiences. This type of diversification allows us to preserve the natural heritage of our land as well as provide an alternate revenue source to ensure the protection of the land for future generations.


Wildlife Photography

Tacubaya Ranch has developed land specifically for Texas nature, wildlife, and bird photography. We offer a variety of different nature settings for you to capture the rich diversity of South Texas wildlife, birds, and nature.

Tacubaya Ranch can accommodate an assortment of photography experiences. Whether you are an amateur looking to gain experience, a future photo contest participant, or a professional looking for your next award winning shot, Tacubaya Ranch can fulfill your needs. With on-site lodging including all the amenities, we have the capability to create the ultimate photography paradise.

Nature, Wildlife, and Bird Photographers will enjoy our above-ground and in-ground blinds that include water features and year round feeding. Walking trails, two large ponds and two blinds designed specifically for raptors and predators give you the opportunity to photograph all of what South Texas has to offer.

Explore our website to find prices, pictures, upcoming workshops, and contests.

Email us for group rates or if you are an experienced photographer looking to host a workshop or contest.

Texas Nature, Wildlife, and Bird Photography

Congratulations to Austin Photographer Melody Lytle!

Melody teamed up with Tacubaya Ranch for the prestigious 2013 Wildlife In Focus photo contest. The contest included top wildlife photographers who teamed up with ranches in 21 south Texas counties. The event took place over 2 shooting periods between February 2013 and June 2013. Melody won 1st place overall in the most competitive category, birds. She had 6 winning images in 5 separate categories. Great job Melody! Tacubaya Ranch is proud to be associated with your success! Melody’s stunning award winning images are below.



Photographs From Bruce Hallett

A recent visit to Tacubaya Ranch from Atlantia resident Bruce Hallett produced these gorgeous images.

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